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The Dragon Game: The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica Book Two

“Intrigue, mystery and murders; this thrilling sequel has it all.”

— I.Vélez, Tied to Darkness


“Unique, thrilling, and humorous. Dragon Game is a seat-gripping, futuristic, dystopian yokai adventure that takes readers into the mouth of danger and ends on a note that leads into what is fated to come.”

— Giselle Jeffries Schneider, Author of The Sorceress Saga and The Rogue Beyond the Wall Series

The Origin of the White Wind: The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica Book One

“It is rare to find such a compelling and entertaining tale about a fall from grace as Hayate’s, The Origin of the White Wind is a must read!”

— Douglas S. Pierce, Author of The Hunted Maiden 

“This book is imbued with folklore, mythology and fantasy. It's darkness and mystery will leave you wanting more.”

— Kara S. Weaver, Crown of Conspiracy, The Ilvannian Chronicles