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The Onmyoji Gambit: The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica Book Three

Summer is sizzling and the megapolis is heating up…


The Council of Dragons is over and the inevitable war for New Tokyo has begun. Youta’s enemies are converging to remove the young dragon from his seat of power. Between kidnapping a newly-recruited young onmyoji and contriving a full-scale invasion from within the Chinese Sector, mercenaries are making bold moves in the light of day! 


Hayate is the only creature who can stop them. Unfortunately, between girlfriend catastrophe and his debut as Youta’s international arms dealer, the fox demon has problems of his own. When mysterious mogul and CEO, Tanabe, reveals a distant interest, Hayate alone senses a trap of a different kind being set. A strange connection resides between Hayate and the faceless Tanabe that will bring the fox demon into an unthinkable and daunting confrontation with his true enemy. 


So batten down the hatches, because a typhoon is coming and Hayate is in the eye of the storm!

"As you read his story, loving Hayate will happen osmotically, as instinctively as breathing. He leaves you no choice." - Esmerelda Little Flame, author of The Temple of the Twelve Series  


“Xander Cross tells us the tale of Hayate, a divine fox, who experiences a roller coaster of emotions in the third part of his story. As the reader, you are there at every step of Hayate’s journey, which is thrilling and bittersweet at the same time. - N.G. Gallegos, author of “Mystery in Bonsai Gardens”

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The Dragon Game: The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica Book Two

“Intrigue, mystery and murders; this thrilling sequel has it all.”

— I.Vélez, Tied to Darkness


“Unique, thrilling, and humorous. Dragon Game is a seat-gripping, futuristic, dystopian yokai adventure that takes readers into the mouth of danger and ends on a note that leads into what is fated to come.”

— Giselle Jeffries Schneider, Author of The Sorceress Saga and The Rogue Beyond the Wall Series

The Origin of the White Wind: The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica Book One

“It is rare to find such a compelling and entertaining tale about a fall from grace as Hayate’s, The Origin of the White Wind is a must read!”

— Douglas S. Pierce, Author of The Hunted Maiden 

“This book is imbued with folklore, mythology and fantasy. It's darkness and mystery will leave you wanting more.”

— Kara S. Weaver, Crown of Conspiracy, The Ilvannian Chronicles 

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