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A dark, forbidding future. A demon in peril. Welcome to The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica, the memoirs of a former Divine Messenger turned yakuza assassin! Not for the faint of heart, this gritty Supernatural/Cyberpunk action thriller will take you into the shadowy world of dragons and yōkai in the 22nd Century and beyond! 

Rated AD+ for mature audiences. 

The Origin of the White Wind

ISBN-978-1-7342142-1-5 (ebook)

ISBN-978-1-7342142-1-8 (print)

Waking up with amnesia in a poisoned forest is just the beginning of Hayate's troubles. Lost and injured, the former divine messenger of Inari Okami struggles for survival in an apocalyptic wilderness until tragedy strikes, transforming him into a malevolent, shapeshifting demon. Now Hayate must break into a dystopian mega-city to search for mortal prey or risk starvation.


But in 22nd century New Tokyo, yōkai foxes are rare and taken into captivity by its shadow ruler: The Dragon Hiroshi. Desperate to avoid enslavement in a tyrant’s menagerie, Hayate exchanges his unique talents to a rival dragon for sanctuary. Instead, his new master turns the trickster into a masked assassin in a deadly coup to take over the megapolis. Caught in the riptide of a vicious war, can Hayate embrace the demon he has become to survive?

EBOOK - Xander Cross b02.jpg
The Dragon Game

ISBN-978-1-7342142-3-9 (ebook)

ISBN-978-1-7342142-1-2 (print)

It is spring 2121, and the Council of Dragons is gathering in New Tokyo for their twelve-year conference. There’s just one problem: the ancient rulers of the Far East believe Youta is a filthy usurper. They seek to destroy the younger dragon for disrupting the old order — and his defiled shrine fox with him. As chief of security for Youta Clan, Hayate cannot afford for anything to go wrong…


Except, a saboteur is on the loose and she has a vengeful spirit on her side. To discover the culprit, Hayate must ally with Konan, a cybernetic human mercenary, and hunt down the diabolical sorceress in a hotel full of enemy dragons and demons before she unleashes her legion of ghosts to destroy them all!

EBOOK - Xander Cross b03.jpg
The Omyoji Gambit

ISBN-978-1-7342142-4-6 (ebook)

ISBN-978-1-7342142-5-3 (print)

Summer is sizzling and the megapolis is heating up…


The Council of Dragons is over and the inevitable war for New Tokyo has begun. Youta’s enemies are converging to remove the young dragon from his seat of power. Between kidnapping a newly-recruited young onmyoji and contriving a full-scale invasion from within the Chinese Sector, mercenaries are making bold moves in the light of day! 


Hayate is the only creature who can stop them. Unfortunately, between girlfriend catastrophe and his debut as Youta’s international arms dealer, the fox demon has problems of his own. When mysterious mogul and CEO, Tanabe, reveals a distant interest, Hayate alone senses a trap of a different kind being set. A strange connection resides between Hayate and the faceless Tanabe that will bring the fox demon into an unthinkable and daunting confrontation with his true enemy. 


So batten down the hatches, because a typhoon is coming and Hayate is in the eye of the storm!


The Come by Night Paranormal Romance series is an artifact of  The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica. After a traumatic encounter with the star MC in The Origin of the White Wind, Kohaku becomes obsessed with the legendary creature she came face to face with, the beast who tore the heart from her lover - yet the allure cannot be denied! To cope with her conflicting feelings of terror and raw lust, she writes these novellas. 

3_Book Cover C.JPG
Come by Night 

Available FREE on Wattpad ​

Hotaru never expected to be the target of an evil yōkai. After her husband dies, the beautiful widow returns to the countryside to live with her brother, only to find herself forced into servitude by her cruel sister-in-law. Hotaru thought her life was over until the night the mysterious Man in the Fox Mask came to her. Then nothing was ever the same again! 


"Come by Night" is the first novella in a saucy new series exploring Japanese folklore and eroticism. Will the fiendish Demon Fox lure poor Hotaru into his seductive clutches? Or does she have the strength to resist the incubus's charm? Succumb to a floating world where pleasure and taboo are inseparable, and let the games of lust begin!

1 - CbN2 Cover .PNG
Come by Night 2: Winter's Moon

Available FREE on Wattpad

Seven years after being ripped apart, Hotaru and Isamu have reunited at last. The nine-tailed demon fox takes his human love and their daughter back to his castle in the yōkai world to live happily ever after... but can they? 


Isamu has a dark history that will shadow their new life together, and he doesn't want to talk about it. When an unexpected visitor drops by to claim an old favor, Isamu has no choice but to go on a quest to Hell or risk losing Hotaru forever!


Meanwhile, Hotaru is on a quest to discover who her demon lover truly is and where he comes from before it's too late! Can Hotaru's love triumph over Isamu's past? 

1 - CbN3 Cover.PNG
Come by Night 3: Kitsune no Yomeiri

Available FREE on Wattpad

Hotaru and Isamu are wed at last! Oh, happy day! Or is it?


When a divine messenger appears to admonish the taboo lovers for breaking the kami's law, he kidnaps Tsukiko in the process! Hotaru and Isamu must sneak into heaven together to retrieve their daughter before she goes to the auction block to be sold to the highest bidder. But can the newlyweds bond in time? Or will husband and wife find the strain too much to bear on their rare cross species' relationship?


And when Isamu is captured, Hotaru finds she is the only one who can save them all!

futakuchi onna.png
The Curse of the Futakuchi Onna

Available FREE on Wattpad

Mean-spirited and cruel, Natsumi is cursed into the existence of a terrifying yōkai by the Demon Fox, Isamu. With the town on fire, Natsumi flees to her friend's home - and Mika's troubles are just beginning! It is never wise to let a yōkai through the front gate.


If you've read "Come by Night," you might be asking yourself, 'What happened to Natsumi?' Well, this creepy horror short story answers that burning question!


Written in third person, mostly limited, I present to you the story of Natsumi as she transforms into a lurid and insatiable futakuchi onna.


In addition to my regular published works, I have experienced the golden opportunity of working with other incredibly talented authors. See my works in the anthology series below!

Enchanted Forests

“Píngguǒ hé Sǐ Sēnlín” 


“Apple and the Dead Forest.”

Another artifact of the TADA-verse, "Apple and the Dead Forest" follows Ping and his friends Lin and Min as they brave the demon-haunted, apocalyptic waste in search of a doomsday seed vault guarded by a dragon. 

One of ten beautifully crafted faerie tales in a diverse and enchanting collection, of which all proceeds are donated to The Rainforest Foundation.

Enchanted Flames E-book cover.jpeg
Enchanted Flames

Ping hé Fènghuáng


Ping and the Phoenix

The sequel to "Apple and the Dead Forest" continues the adventures of Ping and his phoenix spirit companion. Ping and his friends return to the tulou only to find that an army of demons is heading their way, burning the Dead Forest as they go! Can Ping find the strength of a true hero inside himself to save humanity from the brink of extinction?   

All proceeds donated to the World Land Trust's Wild Fire Appeal.

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