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"The Onmyoji Gambit" Preorder is live!


That's right! Book Three preorder for Kindle is live! Releasing on October 14th! 


"Apple & the Dead Forest" is available on Amazon!


As of July 1, 2022, “Píngguǒ hé Sǐ Sēnlín” 平果和死森林 “Apple and the Dead Forest," one of ten stories in Enchanted Forests, has been released! Proceeds go to The Rainforest Foundation. P.S. There are spoilers galore for The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica. 



New Logo!


Many thanks to my PA, Jae Atal for finding the fox! A bit of font magic and hocus pocus, and voila! We have a logo!

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Curious about what I've done? Check out these interviews and readings!

October 2021
Fright Reads Book Festival

My first ever Book Fair experience! Thanks to everyone who came out that day!

Fright Reads 2.png
June 2021
For the Love of Books Podcast

Podcast interview conducted by Emma Palova, examining the political and environmental messages of The Atlas Dystopia Apocalyptica.

February 2021

Backwards & Forwards: Using History in Fiction

with Juliann Sisung and Xander Cross

Join me and Juliann Sisung, author of "Elephant in the Room" and "Sophie's Lies" for an hour long workshop on how to use history in fiction, whether you're looking to the past or speculating the future! $5 one time download fee. Sponsored by Pages Promotions, LLC. 


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